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The below recommend are for your reference only. There are plentiful accommodation options in this city. You may select your own accommodation from hotel booking websites.

Cycling on the Xi'an City Wall

Cycling the Xi'an City Wall was a great way to spend a day! Enter the wall via the South Gate. The bike hire place is on top of the wall itself near the South Gate Tower. Start walking around the wall in an anti-clockwise direction. The South Gate Tower had been converted into a sales area specializing in silk, paintings and sculptures. The second floor of the tower offered commanding views of the streets outside the city walls, along the city wall itself, and into the city within the confines of the walls extending to the Bell Tower.

Cycling on the Xian City Wall Xian City Wall Cycling
Many people tour City Wall by bicycle. The open space on the ancient city wall is good for cycling.

Xian City Wall Cycling Cycling on the City Wall
One of the south gates of the Xi'an CIty Wall It is good choice to cycling on the City Wall


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